Advanced pest control services in Sydney

Total Pest Solutions understands the negative impact pests can have on your business or household. Our key philosophy is reducing your distress as fast as possible with advanced pest control services. Whether it be anything from roaches or rats, pests can cause diseases and damage property. If not dealt with immediately, repairing can be costly.  Rest assured we are here to help and produce successful pest free results. For advanced pest control in Sydney, Total Pest Solutions should be your first point of contact.

How does HomeGuard work?

HomeGuard is a Precision Subterranean Termite Management System that complies with the Australian Standard AS 3660. 1-2000 for a chemical barrier in a non-soil matric. The termite Biflex is incorporated into the plastic matrix this works to repel, kill and block subterranean termites.

Immediate assistance

We are on call to provide you with prompt service. Your problem is now in our hands. Our skilful team is efficient and professional with extensive pest experience. Total Pest Solutions guarantees complete pest control and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Affordable extermination prices

Another positve side of Total Pest Solutions is our attractive pest control prices. We offer an affordable service to protect your valuable assets. 

Safe protection

A worry for many when contacting pest control is the fact that repellents themselves can be harmful. Here at Total Pest Solutions however we use 100% natural repellents. Our methods are completely secure and efficient. There is no need to worry about any side effects impacting your clients, children or pets safety. 

Exterminator arriving to inspect home before pest control services in Sydney